Start Repeat disappears after adding Rock Organ

• Jan 22, 2009 - 22:35

Hopefully this is not an old issue. I started a score using the following instruments (two Elec guitars, bass guitar, and drum set). After getting it where I wanted, decided to add a Rock organ into the mix. After doing so noticed that a few of my "Start Repeat" bars have disappeared. I tried to re-add them but to no avail. Here's the neat thing though, playback plays them all correctly. So somewhere in the score there are some hidden "Start Repeat" bars. Any ideas? I am currently using an XP Pro puter with the current 9.4 beta version. I have shut the program down and rebooted twice to see if it was my computer. I have uploaded the score. I really like this software.

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It looks like the "Start Repeat" bar line disappears from view when a measure spans the full width of a page. This is a bug in the software.

I think the second guitar part would be easier to read if you wrote it out as staccato eighth notes instead of 64th notes interspersed with rests. As a side affect you wouldn't have any measures spanning the full width of a page.

Nice groove by the way!

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Thanks for the reply and compliment. I took your advice and used the staccato eighth notes and the start repeat bars returned. I realize I did that 2d guitar part a little unorthodoxed but I was trying to emulate the palming effect heard on most rock tunes. The hard part will be to write the lead guitar part. It is much more complicated than the rhythmn section. Again, thanks for the advice. By the way, can you change the name of it to something like "Gtr II or Rhythmn Gtr" instead of Elect Guitar?

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