Additional non-pitched percussion

• Sep 24, 2015 - 14:38

Can MuseScore put in additional non-pitched percussion. I could use the sound of an anvil. What do you suggest. There is nothing available in MuseScore for this. Also, MuseScore is notation software, but I can't express to you enough the value of having a first rate playback of scores. Please, keep working on this big time. I believe it will enhance the overall value of your very fine system.


Sound is controlled by whatever soundfont you have loaded - see the Handbook under Soundfont. Anvil is not part of the General MIDI standard as far as I know, so relatively few soudnfonts are likely to include a sample, but if you find one that does, you are welcome to load it and use it.

Anvil is listed in the Unpitched Percussion list.

Make sure you have selected the "All instruments" version of the list, otherwise it will not be visible.

It has been assigned a Ride Bell sound, which is probably the nearest you'll get from the GM soundset.

But you could look for another soundfont with this sound and install it, then assign the sound from the Mixer.

Or you could create your own - there are plenty of free, suitably licensed anvil samples floating around the web.

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