• Oct 15, 2015 - 18:15

Three way of promoting ones music are:

1)use musescore com,

2)post on a facebook group, I posted on the violinist group by uploading a .zip file of lots,
with the benefit of hindsight the best way would have been to upload either the .xml or musescore...

3)use recordmydesktop (I have not got it to work yet), run the file using 200% and continuous, post on youtube,

any more?


there is already a thread on recording the file playing, no idea how to link to it, also:

I have also tried various screen recorders: 1)vcl just telescopes, 2)record my desktop takes over the screen and I have to kill, 3)kazam works but the sound is really bad....

I uploaded to bbc, here is their auto reply....
Hello macrobbair,

Your track, Opus nine number1 (5 others), has been listened to by a
member of the following BBC Introducing programme team(s):

In Tune

This is a good start, but please remember a listen doesn't guarantee
this song will be played on air. However, if our producers do decide to
broadcast your music, you'll get another email from us.

Thanks for sending us your music.

BBC Introducing

N.B. As friendly as these emails are, they are automatically generated.
Please do not reply to them. If you need to contact BBC Introducing in
regard to these emails, you can do it from here:

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