Resetting stem directions to the default

• Oct 16, 2015 - 21:29

I'm editing a document where for some reason a bunch of the stem directions are wonky. After selecting all the stems in the document, I seem to have the option of flipping all of them (including the ones that were already looking good), but I can't find a way to reset all the manual stem adjustments to the default. Help?


I found out: The direction of the stems is a property of the notes in the inspector.

I think the simplest way is:
Select the region where you want to reset the stems. The inspector shows "Element Group". At the bottom of the inspector you click the button "notes". Then only the notes are selected without the stems. And the last entry of "Chord" in the inspector is "Stem direction" where you can select "Auto" (or hit the button at the right).

Also generally works to hit Ctrl+R to reset things within selections, although this will reset more that just stem directions (eg, manual adjustments, beam angles, etc).

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