import lilypond

• Dec 30, 2010 - 20:40

Is there any way users have had much success importing from lilypond files?

It appears that
lilypond can export to a "music streams" format, would that help out here?

Also a lilypond to musicxml converter would work, but doesn't seem to yet exist.

Anybody have any tips out there?
[1] (also mentions that you can use OCR on pdf's that lilypond generates, which might be a work around).


Lilypond import was removed from MuseScore since it was not working in the first place and second, there was no one to pick it up. Instead, we concentrated on improving MusicXML import which is currently the leading standard format for sheet music. The best way to go forward is to add MusicXML export to Lilypond. It would be simply very beneficial to the Lilypond project to have MusicXML export.


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You can't directly, not anymore, lilypond export support had been removed from MuseScore 2.0, due to lack of a maintainer IIRC, lilypond import had been removed much earlier, see Thomas' answer above.
But I believe meanwhile you can use ly2xml, which is part of Lilypond, to convert LY files into (Music)XML files and import those.

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