Change from alto sax to clarinet

• Oct 22, 2015 - 14:20

How do I change instrument of one stave in the middle of a score? The Alto sax 1 player in our big band plays also the clarinet and I need to change the instrument in the middle of the score. It should change the key on that particular stave according to the instrument change (one more flat), and then back to alto sax after some bars. Most of all I wish it could be just set on one bar, like changing the key, but only on one stave, either after the notes have been entered, or before entering the notes.

Next priority would be to also have the playback work, meaning it would sound in correct pitch and maybe also with correct sound.


Add both instruments, and then use "Hide empty staves" (in the General Style dialog) to make it look like one staff that changes from one instrument to the other.

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This might be a very good solution. In future updates, it might even be desireable that this has to be written like that; the instruments on separate staves. Even if it would be able to switch from one stave to another in the middle of a line and not only at line breaks.

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