Problem adding key-signature to BB Tuba in treble clef.

• Oct 23, 2015 - 09:03


I'm having problems adding a key-signature to a score for BB Tuba in treble clef.
Either by selecting it during the new score wizzard or by dragging and dropping it on the score.

It is reproducible.
When adding 2 flats for instance, no flats ar showed on th score.
When adding 4 flats only two appear.

Version of musescore is 2.0.2 revision f52dc11.
Running on Mac OSX El Capitan.

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Or add 4 flats to get two flats.

This might seem counterintuitive in the rare case where you have a piece for unaccompanied solo tuba, but of course, most music for transposing instruments will be scores consisting of multiple instruments, some transposing and others not. In order to allow you to only have to add key signatures once rather than separately for each instrument and have you manually transpose each, it makes sense to add it at concert pitch and have MuseScore transpose for you.

Also bear in mind that the tuba is NOT really a transposing instrument but is normally written in concert pitch.

So unless you are involved with UK Brass Band etc your tuba player would expect a solo part to be written in concert pitch in bass clef.

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That's the situation here, we play in a Belgian brassband using the same stile as the UK brassbands.
Hence ALL scores are written "transposed" and in treble clef.

That's why i hoped that when using the Tuba in treble clef wizard i would be able to add the key signature with the wizard.


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And hopefully it is now clear - you *can*, by simply adding the concert pitch key. Normally, you would never be creatng a score for tuba only - it would be for the whole band. And of course, different instruments would potentially have different transpositions. That is why you need to specify the key at concert pitch - so you only have to add it once and MuseScore can automatically transpose it as appropriate for each staff of your score..

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