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• Jan 6, 2011 - 15:45

We have just started to use MuseScore mainly for church music and all is going well. However, I cannot see how I can add a large amount of text to a document, for example, when doing a hymn we would need several verses as text - but not in 'lyrics'. Can this be done?

Alternatively, I thought of importing a MuseScore created file of some sort into a wordprocessor such as OpenOffice. The Muse PDF file is not read in properly. I then created a PS file & converted it into EPS (this can only be done for 1 page) & it seemed to work. This is quite convoluted, any better suggestions?


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Thanks - that works. I'd forgotten about the Measures/Bars difference. However, the 'translation' of the menu & its submenu is incomplete - the Bars (Measures) menu still refers to 'measures' instead of 'bars'.

Next problem concerns the text itself. Right-click on box gives menu with Add which has a menu conatining Title, Subtitle, Composer & Poet - these seem just to be specific positions & font size for the text. I decided to try Title for my general text but the text just expands beyond the width of the box - no wrap-around. How do I do that?

By the way, congrats to all who have contributed to this great program. I belong to a village church choir of about a dozen people - not all musically trained. I 'discovered' MuseScore via Google severfal months ago & it is now used by 5 others in the choir. We pass scores around & use the Mixer to listen to our parts. The need for inserting text is to provide music with words for the congregation at services.

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Thanks. I am in Musescore 2 still. I have a blank next to the staff. I would like to enter an instrument name. If I change the instrument it wipes out all the music. It is an empty spot. I just want to add an instrument that is not the original but have it play the same notes.

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It is easier to help if you post the score you are having problomes with and describe exactly step by step what you are doing, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead.

Instrument names are added via Staff Properties (right click the staff). Not sure what you mean about changing instrument wiping out music - it does not do that. So you must be doing something else. Changing instrument is also done via Staff Properties.

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