Download time for Nightly Builds

• Nov 1, 2015 - 21:41

I don't believe it use to take 17 minutes to download a build. Is it just me?


Are you saying that 17 minutes is good or bad? I just upgraded from ubuntu 15.04 to 15.10 and it took all night to download and a couple of hours more to upgrade (considering where we live, the broadband speed is very poor).

It's been about 3-4 months since I've downloaded a Nightly. I remember them taking less than a minute. A 17 minute download is not a big deal. Just wondering if anyone has noticed a change and if so, a reason.

A lot of things factor into the download time. Your internet connection speed and quality, are you on wireless, how many people are downloading from the server, hops to the server...

@rwmol, which OS are you using? If you use Ubuntu, Mint or Debian Linux then you can use the Ubuntu Nightlies PPA. These nightlies are only about 20MB each.

I believe the other Linux nightlies, and the nightlies for Windows and Mac, are over 200MB in size because they are debug builds. The builds in the Ubuntu PPA are non-debug builds (normal "release" builds), hence the smaller size, the reason being that they auto-update and you probably wouldn't want to download 200MB everyday.

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Yes I stopped. I could resume if someone needs.
However it is clear that people running "PPA linux" doesn't need.

If people running "non-PPA linux" need nightlies
1/ I fear that "PPA-linux"-made nightlies don't run in their Linux
2/ I could send them my script to compile, which they could adapt to their linuxes..

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@Jojo, I know the ones in the PPA are maintained... I maintain them! ;)

@robert, I was actually considering making a static build for Linux so then the nightlies would work on every Linux distro. I probably won't get around to it until nearer to Christmas though.

@lasconic, if you're interested, the static builds would actually be portable builds based on
These apps are self contained and work just like Mac applications. They also work on every Linux (including old ones if you do it right) and could potentially be compiled as part of the TravisCI routine. (They have to be compiled on the oldest version of Linux you are targeting, so Travis would be ideal because it uses Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.)

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@shoogle portablelinuxapps sounds good. That would be interesting indeed, especially if Travis can do the work. You already tried to compile MuseScore with their guidelines /AppImage Kit?

Probably better to discuss this in a new topic in the tech preview forum or on IRC.

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@lasconic, I had a quick go with the AppImage Kit on my machine (Ubuntu 15.04) and it seemed to work ok. If you build a portable app on Ubuntu 15.04 then 15.04 is the earliest it will run on, so I'll need to get hold of a copy of Ubuntu 12.04 myself in order for it to run on older Linux. Unfortunately, I probably won't have time to look at it until nearer Christmas, but I'll get in touch via IRC when I do.

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