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• Nov 3, 2015 - 12:38


I tried the last nightlybuild and I saw a problem on my old score. All my grace notes, semiquaver for french drums scores, are not on the good line.

I write them on the E or C lines, and I save my score. When I open it after, they appears on the F line. (some of them don't move on the C line).

If i create a new score, it is th same problem.

Sorry for my bad very bad english, I hope you can understand.

Thank you.


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Thanks for the file, but now can give you precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem? Where hould I add a grace note, exactly - again, step by step- how should I add it?

One thing I can see is that the grace notes already in this score have pitches that are not in your drum set. For instance, if you click either of the grace notes in the second full measure (measure 3) and then look at the status line, they report that they have no pitch. if I delete that grace note and add it back by clicking the note and either pressing "/" or double clicking the palette icon, it works fine, and then if I save and reload, it still works fine.

So something about the specific way you added that grace note appears to be the problem, which is why wee need precise step by step isntructions to follow in order to udnerstand what went wrong.

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Ok I try to explain:

I create a new score. I chose drumset and I load my configuration 'Tambour 5lignes.drm' (attachement files). I write note and grace note, like in the picture. I save and I quit Musecore. When I want to finish, I load the score, and the grace note a not on their places like in the other score I attached.

I had no problem in old version of Nightlybuild.

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The part I need you to explain is *how* you are adding the notes. The exact sequence of keys you press or buttons you click. Because again, when I try adding a grace note to your score, it works perfectly. For example:

1) load the score you attached
2) click the very first note of the piece
3) press "/" to add a grace note
4) save
5) close the score
6) open the score

Result: the grace note is exactly where it is supposed to be.

If you follow the above steps *precisely*, does it work correctly for you? If so, then I assume the reason you are having problems is that you are doing something different - not necessarily wrong, but different - in how you are adding your grace notes. I need to know what is different. So I need you to list the steps you are following just as precisely as I just did.

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Getting closer, but still - which note do you click, then how many times do you press the arrow key after adding the grace note? My guess is you are somehow changing the grace note to something that is not in your drum set, and that is the source of the problem.

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