MS hangs when inputting a triplet

• Feb 1, 2009 - 14:15

I have this issue, replicated on different pcs with Ubuntu Studio Intrepid Ibex and MS 0.9.4 build 1474

- 3 staves: 2 guitars, 1 bass
- the first stave should start with a 16th triplet

I input a 1/8 note (a C above the stave in my case), then I hit CTRL+3 and the 8th note turns correctly into a 16th triplet (1 note + 2 rests). When I try to replace the first rest with a note, MS become frozen (the window gets dimmed) and I need to force the application to close. After that, I need to go to the system monitor application and kill a process named "mscore-real" (which is occupying several MBs of RAM), otherwise no further MuseScores can be opened.


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I have the same problem in Vista using 0.9.4 (I downloaded today - the stable version) - I was able to do a couple triplets - then it hung when I tried to add one. Now everytime I try to add a triplet it hangs. I tried running it as an administrator - and I have the UAC disabled...all to no avail...

I am running:
-Ubuntu 9.04,
-MuseScore 0.9.4.

To reproduce this bug, follow these steps:
1. create a half note.
2. press ctrl + 3 to create a triplet.
3. Click the cursor in such a way that the note shadow (the circle showing where the note will go) is NOT directly over the rest. As in, in between two rests.

Look at these screen shots (attached). The first one will cause MuseScore to crash if I click to enter the note (tripletcrash.jpg), but the second one will not (tripletok.jpg). Notice where the note position shadow is.

The first image has the the note shadow in between two rests, thus causing it to crash. The second one has the shadow directly on top of the rest, and will not cause a crash.

This is consistent for me: when the cursor is in between rests (tripletcrash.jpg), and I click, it crashes, and I have to end the mscore.real process, and restart musescore.

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