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• Nov 14, 2015 - 14:08

Hi, I want to have a score with a separated piano stave like in "gnomus I.jpg" and in "gnomus II.jpg". "Gnomus" is one piece of Mussorgsky´s "Pictures at an Exhibition", orchestrated by Ravel. There is printed the orchestral score, the piano line is in that case the original version by Mussorgsky. But I think it´s no matter if it´s an original version of a Piece or the piano stave of a vocal score. How do I get such a separated (group of) stave(s)?

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If by 'separated" you mean you don't want the barlines to extend through that staff, simply double click a barline and drag then handle up or down to control how many staves it extends through. Normally, unless you had reviously extended the barline, it would already be separated in that sense.

There is currently no way, however, to separate the *initial* barline at the left edge of each system.

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Not without cheating, at any rate.

Turn off the initial barline (Style ->General ->Barlines ->Barline at start of multiple staves).
Add a new barline before the second note.
Horizontally shift the barline back about -14 points.
Copy and paste his barline to the top stave of each group.
Use Inspector to alter the number of staves that each barline spans.

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