Screen projection of a MuseScore score?

• Nov 16, 2015 - 19:14

I have written some 48 pieces of music for violin. I want to be able to have the "one-page" scores for each of these pieces projected onto a large screen, so that the audience listening to the violinist can follow the music as it is played in numerical sequence.
Is this possible with MuseScroe 2.0.2? If so, how do I do it? I have tried compiling an "Album" in MS, but that does not work.
I want to be able to give a laptop (well, a Surface Pro 3) to someone who will "page through" each piece as the violinist plays it. (I am assuming that once the software issue is solved, the hardware issue, of how to connect MS output to a projection device is well known, or obvious).
Thank you


If you are having problems using the album featurfe, please explain precisel;y step by step what you are doing, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead. It should definitely do the job here.

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Thanks, Mark. Solved one problem, found three more! First up, I clicked FILE, ALBUM, and then ADD SCORE. I did this 48 times for 48 different pieces for violin, then clicked JOIN SCORES, only to find I was in error.
I then created a new album, loaded two scores, then clicked JOIN SCORES. Success! That taught me to load and join one score at a time. However, I then discovered three new problems:
* the second, joined score, had added itself to the bottom of the first score, so that, even if the overwriting of the bottom of the first score by the title and parts of the second score were not a problem (and it is), I only wanted to present ONE score at a time;
* even if the join were on two separate "pages", the (“portrait”) display would still give me TWO scores at a time, and not just one, as I wanted; and
* even if I could get just the one score at a time, I would still be getting the Musescore program, its controls and menus as well.
So, would it be possible to display just one score at a time in a sequence of 48 scores, without the menus and various controls of the MuseScore program being displayed, as well? The context is that the violinist would be reading, in sequence, each of my 48 poems and then playing, in sequence, each of the 48 pieces of music for violin. This is why it is important that I only have one score on display at any one time (it would also enhance its readability by the audience). I am hoping that I can do this without recourse to a third party presentation program like, I suppose, MicroSoft’s Powerpoint.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Timoshenko Aslanides (PindarPoet)
Canberra, Australia
(Second attempted reply, my first dropped out. Sorry.)

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I have joined several 100 files into an album, all at once, so that should work.
If you want every score to have a page of its own, add page breaks, either to the end of every score before the join, or to the album afterif you don't want the MuseScore menu etc, export to pdf and show that

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Thanks. The easiest solution for me was actually staring me in the face all the time: MuseScore's own high-res screen capture feature. I simply capture the image of the score with this and then drop it into a MS Word document, which I can then add into a PowerPoint slide show. Marvellous!
And the hi-res definition allows for the image to be magnified to quite a large size without loss of detail. (The MuseScore screen capture resolution is far superior to MS Word's own screen capture facility!).
Thanks again.

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