Multibar rests

• Nov 18, 2015 - 23:09

Using MuseScore 2.0.2 f51dc11 in a Win 7 environment.

I started with a song (attached as "Ring_the bells) which you will note starts with an 8 bar multirest.

I simply did Cntrl/A followed by Cntrl/C and then then went to "Ring_the Bells (v2)" and used Cntrl/V to paste the original. I noticed that the multibar rest had been replaced by the 8 empty bars.
I made the changes to "Ring_the_Bells (v2)" that I require (primarily just adding a repeat with first/second endings.
I then went to Style/General, ticked "Create multibar rests", clicked ok and I still have 8 bars with rests and NOT a multibar rest, even though that field is still shown as ticked.

What am I doing wrong?

Then I had a thought....
I deleted the 8 bars (highlight then Cntrl/M) then inserted another 8 bars and lo and behold, I have a multibar rest.
So I've ended up where I want to be, but what was wrong with what my original method?

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I do not know if it is useful for you:
on "Ring the Bells (v2)" I have only highlighted the first 8 bars and used Delete.
Verify this, the result is the same but faster?

The problem is thast pasting rests makes the measures not empty. They now contain explicit rests - a half and quarter rest in each measure, as opposed to just the default full measure rest. That is probably not right in itself - pasting a multimeasure rest should probably leave the destination measures will full measure rests rather than explicit rests. So I'd call *that* a bug. But given that pasting created explicit rests, that does explain why you didn't get multimeasure rests in the destination file, and why deleting them then allows the multimeasure rests to be created.

BTW, it seems that copying regular empty measures works fine - only copying multimeasure rests causes this issue, and only in 3/4 (or at least, *not* in 4/4).

Thank you so much for this fix, I had a 2 bar rest at the beginning of a piano part that I wanted to merge together and it wouldn't merge, I have even changed the minimum number of bars to merge and it didn't work, I didn't have any notes in the bars or added any manual rests. I deleted the 2 bars and added them back in and poof it worked a treat so thank you for putting this fix online.

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