bass staff does not shift down to all for more verses

• Nov 19, 2015 - 18:31

As I was opening my old links into MuseScore 2, a few songs had the lyrics in the bass staff. As well, when I tried to enter a new verse (line of lyrics) in other songs, the bass staff did not shift down. See photo or link

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I think the staff spacing was manually changed, maybe by shift-dragging the bottom staff up.

EDIT: Never mind, that's not it.

OK, I think I've found why this happens. If the first lyric line is entered for something other than voice 1, it screws up something in the staff spacing. So in the case of the OP's posted score, the first verse is indeed in voice 2, the others in voice 1.

An interesting side-effect is when there is no >voice1 lyric for the 1'st verse in a measure but other verses, then the score will adjust the staff spacing properly.

It seems you entered verse 1 in a different voice than the other verses, and that is throwing things off. If you simply delete the lyrics in verse 1 and re-enter them in voice 1, it spaces as expected. Actually, even deleting one single syllable and re-entering it in voice 1seems to make it space correctly.

It's probably a bug that it doesn't space correctly as is, but I'm not sure exactly what is going on.

EDIT: schepers beat me to it!

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Twas a nice stumper, and even uncovered a new bug! Ironically I've gotten close to this kind of bug, but never entered a first verse _completely_ in something other than voice 1. Yes, all you need is either no syllables in verse 1 in a measure or one syllable in voice 1 somewhere in verse 1 to break the bug. Should I post this one?

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