Windows 10 problems fixed?

• Nov 25, 2015 - 08:49

I am reluctant to start yet another thread about Windows 10 but......

I can't see through the forest of other comments whether all the problems/bugs/inconsistencies... with W10 are finally resolved. I have delayed upgrading to Windows 10 until I am convinced that all is in order. I have even contemplated moving over to Linux, but that seems equally fraught.

I am very happy with MS2.0.2 on my Windows 8 machine, but I will need to consider Windows 10 soon as the free upgrade offer will run out some time earlyish next year.

Is there anybody out there who can give me the assurance that I am seeking? I don't want to get involved in a lot of techie stuff about command lines etc. if I can possibly avoid it. All I want is a system that works!

Keep up the excellent work please

Many thanks


I have had absolutely no problems with MuseScore on my system since the upgrade to Windows 10 apart from the Start menu icon mysteriously disappearing once - all that was required to remedy that was finding it in All Apps and reinstating "Pin to Start Menu".

I did have a couple of problems with JACK, but that turned out to be a corrupted sound driver and cured itself after removing and reinstalling the sound driver.

Furthermore my MuseScore installation has survived two subsequent Windows 10 system upgrades without problem.

Hope this helps to quieten your misgivings.

Remember there are hundreds of Windows 10 MuseScore users out there - but they only come here if they have a problem. If there are no problems they just keep quiet.

I too, am running MS2.0.2 on Win 10 with no problems.
Running MS2.0.2 on three systems, XP, Win7 and Win10, all have been running with no trouble since installation, although XP is only used to test ideas with main work done on 7 & 10.
10 being on a laptop so that I can continue working on a piece while traveling.

Hi All! Install Musescore on window 10 last couple days and when I open musescore it it open a small window saying " Window installer " Preparing to install" and it sit there doesnt do anything? Help please?

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Did you already install MuseScore? It sounds like you aren't actually starting MuseScore but instead are trying to run the installer again. Don't do that, find the icon that the installer actually installed.

If you mean you have not successfully installed MuseScore yet, then can you tell us the exact name of the file you are trying to run? Should be something like MuseScore-2.3.0.msi

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Hi Marc

I'm a long time Musescore user, and I'm experiencing the same issue that Minh Duong described in the previous post.
This happened after I updated to version 1803 of Windows 10.
I tried to reinstall Musescore, but the issue remained.
Essentially, when I try to run the program from the Start menu or from the desktop icon, I get a " Window installer preparing to install" notification, and nothing happens.
I then have to go to Task Manager and terminate the process to get rid of the notification window.

I have now reverted to version 1709 of Windows 10 and Musescore 2.3.2 runs without any issues, but I would appreciate if you could look into this.

At some point I will have to update to future versions of W10, and would like to be able to do so without losing the ability to use Musescore.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Running the program should never give any message about the installer. Sounds like you are clicking the wrong icon, accidentally running the installer again? Be sure you are choosing the correct icon. There is as far as I know literally no way running MuseScore itself could ever produce any error messages about the installer.

For the record, I am running MuseScore 2.3.2 on Windows 10 build 1803 with no problems whatsoever.

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I see that, but again, I can't see how it is physically possible for the MuseScore application to attempt to invoke the installer.

Try using File Explorer and browsing to C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\bin, then double-clicking the MuseScore.exe file directly there. What happens then?

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