Writing irregular music

• Dec 2, 2015 - 03:34

I am needing to rewrite some church music used in the Anglican Church for the sung service.

The original copies do not use time signatures.

The value of the notations in most of the measures are irregular.

Can I use musescore and how would I proceed please?

Many thanks.



Yes you can use MuseScore.....

The first thing to do is to create a new score using the one of the Liturgical Unmetrical templates provided in the choral section.

Then set the time signature as 30/8 which enables you to enter most lines of plainsong without coming to the end of the bar.

When you have finished entering the line of notes, use the "Split Measure" operation from the Measure section of the Edit menu.

Now delete the short bar just created from the split and move onto the next line of plainsong.

If you have a look at my MuseScore.com profile you will find a lot of scores of transcribed plainchant which you can examine to see who it has been done......


The Sets tab may help you here :)

Finally, come back here if you need further help or have questions.

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"Set the time signature as 30/8."

I think I see where you're going; but doesn't setting a time signature at all undermine the point of unmetrical music? I was surprised to get the usual time signature dialog when I chose the liturgical unmetrical template for a composition my parish MD wanted me to notate. So that's the only option I have: create some crazy extended time signature and split the measures?

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I think sometimes it's easier to do it the other way - pick a *short* time signature like 2/4 or whatever, then *join* the measures. But any combination of these works and is quite straightforward. I'll often flip back and forth between the approaches depending on the nature of the passage.

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