Capo Chords below or above main chords

• Dec 4, 2015 - 22:56
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

I would like to request a feature whereby when you select to add Capo chords to your score from Style>General>Chord Symbols Fretboard diagram that you have a choice to have the capo chords in brackets to be placed either below the main chord or above the main chord.

Thank you

GIT commit: f51dc11


FWIW, I too wondered about the chocie to render them the way we did. I don't use capo chords often (ressentially never) but it does seem books I've seen put them above or below. But indeed, more research showed that doing it the way we do is common as well.

I think we could consider having an general style option to allow you to specify an alternate text style for cap chords or something like that, mayb e also to control whether they are parenthesized.

Virtually all the music I'm notating requires capo chords above the regular chords, with the capo chords in parentheses. So my vote is to make this available as an option.