set invisible doesn't stay invisible

• Dec 8, 2015 - 21:36

Trying to set a 1/4 time signature invisible. it works, but it shows another 1/4 time signature at the end of the previous line. i set both to invisible. but when i save to pdf or any other format the one at the end of the previous line always shows up again.

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What kind of major problems? Do you mean corruptions? If so, better grit your teeth and fix those, because even if MuseScore 1 doesn't warn you about them they're bound to be causing you problems. (Also, MuseScore 2 won't keep creating corruptions.) Or do you mean layout problems? Most are caused by adjustments that are no longer necessary (MuseScore 2 has much better automatic layout), and thus can be fixed by simply selecting everything and applying the "Reset Positions" command.

On the other hand, there's no reason not to keep an old version of the program around for old scores, and use the latest and greatest for creating new ones—MuseScores 1 & 2 can coexist peacefully on the same computer. So, try MuseScore 2—you don't have to delete the old version—and see how the time signature thing works.

It's always easier to help if you post the actual score, not just a picture of it.

Generally speaking, you shouldn't be setting time signastures invisible. If you don't want to see the courtesy time signature at the end of a line, use the option to completely hide the courtesy ignature rather than making it invisible. In 2.0, that's found in the Inspector, also in the right click menu for the main time signature. But you also shouldn't normally need an invisible time signature in the first place - most likely you really just want to change the "actual" time signature to 1/4 in Measure Properties (in right click menu for the measure).

If the stem issue you are seeing is when viewing a 1.3 score in 2.0, that's a known issue that affects only staves of fewer than five lines and only in scores imported from 1.3. See #19197: Non-5-line drumset stave lines incorrectly positioned for discussion & workarounds. The bug is fixed for a future release. If your stem issue is something other than a 1.3 score imported into 2.0, ewe'd need you to psot the score to understand what went wrong.

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