Adding new page to same score and deleting bars

• 6 years ago

I am arranging a violin part to Back to December and obviously it is more than one page long so how do you to this without making a completely new piece?

Another question is how do you actually delete bars?

Thank you :)


sorry i meant
how do you DO this ie how do you add an extra page to a piece without having to make up a completely new score?

If enough notes are entered and/or enough measures are appaned to make a new page neccesary, such a new page will appear...

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thank you but that doesn't seem to work. eg when I add a minim to the end of a bar, it is too log to fit on the bar, but will not tie into a next bar on another page and cuts the note short :/ I've even taken out the end bar symbol to put in the normal bar symbol and even that doesnt work!