Songbook display problem

• Dec 25, 2015 - 14:00

I have encountered a problem in displaying song sheets in Songbook on my Android tablet. The key signature overlaps partially the clef sign - any thoughts on how to correct this? The music looks fine in MuseScore 2 on my computer.


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It happens on all the scores. But of course only is obtrusive in key signatures such as A-flat. Here is one such score which looks fine in MuseScore but not in Songbook. In the latter one of the flat signs is obscured by the treble clef so that the piece looks at first glance to be in Bb instead of E-flat.

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Thanks JojoSchmitz- for testing. It would seem therefore that it is a problem specific to my tablet which is a Hudl 2. I can live with it since as a performing musician I do know what key I am playing in - I'll test it on my other tablet and also my phone. Happy Xmas to you!

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Just wondering...

Given the key of E-flat, how can the treble clef obscure the Ab in the key signature to make the piece look at first glance to be in the key of Bb instead of the key of Eb?

Are you sure it's not the *time* signature which obscures the Ab in the key signature?


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Here is a screen-shot to illustrate the problem. You can see how the treble clef sign places itself on top of the flat symbols making up the key signature. This makes it hard to see what key the piece is in - in this case it was D-flat. What is curious is that this behaviour is only seen on my Hudl 2. As I said earlier it looks just fine on my Hudl 1 and also on my MacBook Pro.

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Yes, you're quite right. The key of the example I sent is indeed Eb minor.

The discussion you refer to on the use of SongBook instead of paper for performance is interesting. As a jazz pianist I have getting on for 300 lead sheets on my tablet and find this a viable way to play - especially when a transposition is needed.

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