Playback problem with score exported as .wav file

• Dec 26, 2015 - 20:17

Season's greetings!

I have successfully exported scores as .wav files many times, but today I have exported four files which,although otherwise correct, play back in Windows Media Player with a great deal of unwanted echo or reverb.
This is absent when I play back the source score in Musescore (the mixer rev pointers are set to zero).
Can anybody suggest why this is happening (and how to prevent it)?
(Musescore 2, Windows 10)


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I don't hear anything unusual in either playback or the generated audio file - they sound exactly the same to me. The same small but useful amount of reverb that MuseScore normally appliues by default to all playback and generated audio. Maybe at some point you made changes to your audio setup and forgot - like using a different soundfont, turning reverb down/off, etc - and the generated audio is using the default settings because you *didn't* save your customziations to the score, so you are being surprised to hear the defaults instead?

I guess you could try posting the audio file somewhere so we can hear it to see if you are getting something different from us. And/or you could post a screenshot of your Synthesizer settings so we can see if you have made changes there that would explain why you *don't* hear the normal reverb during playback.

I have same problem with each audio format. Exported versions sound as if personal Synthesizer-settings were ignored. Sound is like Output Mix in position "Wet". As I found no workaround in musescore, I play my arrangement in musescore and record it live with audacity.

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