D.S. command will not execute if a D.C. command has been executed previously in the score.

• Feb 11, 2011 - 21:25

The attached piece uses a D.C. to reapeat the first section. Then later in the piece uses a D.S. to repeat the second section. In MuseScore the D.C. executes properly, but the D.S. never executes. If I change the D.C. to to a repeat barlone the score executes playback properly. The first section repeats and at the end of the second section the D.S. repeats from the sign to the end. That I am aware there is no prohibition of using a D.C. and a D. S. in the same score, though I have been known to be wrong about that.

System configuration is as follows:

Toshiba Portege M2000 Tablet PC using Windows XP Professional sp3. With MuseScore Versiom 1.0, Revision: 3996.

Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated..

Keith N. McKenna

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I don't know of a prohibition against using D.C. and D.S. either, but I have never seen it before. Repeat bars for both these sections would be more normal.

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David I agree that repeats would be more normal, but this is part of a project to transcribe the library for my church choir to electronic format and I am trying to stay as true to the original scores as possible. This particular one does use the construct that I have outlined. Also as there is no defined prohibition against it I see no good reason that the software should enforce one. As I say, there is a work around but I would prefer to not to have to use it long term.


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