0.9.4 crash after initial logo on Windows.

• Feb 8, 2009 - 03:47

I just downloaded 0.9.4 and installed it on Windows. When I try to run it, the splash screen shows but then the program crashes and gives me the option of debugging. If you need to know the EIP or anything to help diagnose this please let me know.




Program crashes when splash screen comes on. Message error says:

"This application (Muse Score) has requested the (Microsoft Visual C++) Runtime (Library) to terminate it in an unsual way"

There were a few of these crashes found just before the release of 0.9.4. A few of the startup crashes were found and fixed but apparently there are others. If you are able to discover the steps that cause these crashes to occur please share this information so that it can be fixed.

For more information see these threads from the developers mailing list:

I found that if I open one of the demo files (like Golliwog) using a right click and open-with I can get MuseScore 9.4 to run. On my system the .MSC file extension is used for the XP Management system. All the music examples are being interpretted as "Microsoft Common Console Document" and are not associated with MuseScore.

I guess the use of .MSC is causing some collisions???

Reconstructed error:

If I select "Continue last session" in Preferences, my Muse 0.9.4 will crash on opening (Runtime error). When I unselect "Continue last session" (I chose "Open empty"), Muse does not crash. Also, if I open up Muse by clicking on a score, instead of via clicking on the applications icon, it does not crash even if I've selected "Continue last session".

I've been able to 'fix' the initial crash on my system by doing the following. (XP SP3, I have Visual Studio 2005 installed which could be doing some stuff with regards to debuging)

Uninstall MuseScore
Run a registry cleaner (CCLEANER)
Edit the Registry and delete the file association of MSC with Microsoft Management Console
Reinstall Musescore
Associate .MSC files with MuseScore

Now MuseScore starts up just fine. The file icon still says it is used with MMC but I forced MuseScore as the program to use...

I would strongly recommend against associating MSC files with MuseScore since it causes conflicts with Windows system files. MSCZ is the default file format in the latest versions of MuseScore. Save your files as MSCZ instead.

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You are correct that the demos and template files are distributed in .MSC. This is an issue that should be revisited for the next release. Partly this is legacy (most of the demo files were created when .MSC was the default). Partly this is because .MSC files are text files that allow developers to see the changes to a document in the SVN repository. Also some of the template files require additional text editing outside of MuseScore and this is easier if the file is a plain text MSC file rather than a compressed MSCZ file. Probably we need look at an alternative file extension for uncompressed MuseScore files (to replace .MSC)

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Just an update to let you know that the .MSC file extension (for uncompressing MuseScore files) has been replaced with the extension .MSCX in the prereleases for the next version of MuseScore. This should avoid file extension conflicts.

I just downloaded version 0.9.4 to windows vista when I try to add notation to a new composition the program freezes and windows closes it out completely nothing from the program appears on screen to diagnose or correct the problem it looks like an incredible program and I would really like to use it.

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So I looked at the error report that the crash was generating in more detail and saw that the module in which the error was occurring was samsonasiodriver.dll. This seems to be a dll for the Samson SoftPre application. I didn't need that application at the moment so I uninstalled it and then musescore worked. However, it does seem odd that musescore would have anything to do with the aforementioned dll. Any idea why that might be the case? I might to re-install that app at some point.



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