To Segno and Coda - - WITH REPETITION - -

• Jan 11, 2016 - 21:32

This is my proble. In a sheet paper, there is a repeat barline, a volta and a leap to the Segno that is in the beginning to go to the repeat barline once again. However, when playing, this ignores the repetition and it leaps directly to the second volta, What can I do for it to repeat after the second volta?

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It is normal / correct for repeats to not be taken on the DS or DC. But of course, there are exception, so someday, MuseScore may add the ability to allow you to specify this for playback. For now, just put edit the DS to say "take repeat" and that way the human performers of your music will know what to do even if the automatic playback within MuseScore does not.

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