tempo change

• Jan 16, 2016 - 21:31

I am writing my first software score (a march for trombone choir) and have come to the point where the time changes from 6/8 to 4/4. I want dotted quarter to equal quarter as it changes. I read the instructions on tempo change, but it does not work - I open the tempo heading on the left, but it the quarter=80 will not drag, and double clicking does nothing. Help.


Enter an usual tempo text (eg dotted quarter note = 80)
Then, do a simple edition work: double-click on the tempo text -> select the number (80)
-> F2 (or clic on the alfa sign in the text edition bar) to open the Special characters window (common symbols)
To finish: double-click on the quarter note

When dragging from the palette, you need to double click first, and you need to drag it to a speciufic note in your score, not just in the general direction of the measure. Or, if double clicking the tempo marking, you need to first click a specific note in the score to apply the tempo marking to.

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