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• Jan 21, 2016 - 11:02

Recently (both 2.0.2 und 2.1.0), it seems impossible to assign fingerings to tablature digits/letters. Am I missing something?

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I would like to note that I still feel the necessity of an option to hide/unhide tablature fingerings. I think it is quite restrictive not to have that option. As said before, the advanced style properties for tablatures would be the right place. Another radio button 'Fingerings are: shown / hidden' (maybe also 'hidden only in linked stave') seems plausible to me - whether hidden by default or not.

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I see that probably combined guitar tablature and notation are the problem.
In the master source probably the relevant code is in undo.cpp, line 1133-1135, isn't it?
... and I now found the change by miwarre: Fix #32966 - TAB: hide fingerings (for 2.0.3 and 2.1.).

It would be indeed a good thing to have such an option, as fingering in different versions are necessary and broadly used for lute tablatures:
- the thumb sign and the points for fingering of right hand (which are supported already)
- the numbers for fingering of the left hand (which are not shown)
- (and even) the points for fingering of the left hand in some sources (so there also should be a sign with 4 points)

Could it be a solution to set up a new variable (f.i. FingeringYes), that only would have to be included in the relevant if-s ?
If it could set to 1 for the lute tablatures, an 0 for the guitar tabs, that would help.

Or, if there is a possibility to check whether it is lute or guitar, that could also be a solution, but not as flexible btw.

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Indeed it may not be too difficult to change the behaviour of musescore relating fingerings in tablature.
I could establish a variable "TabFingering" in note.cpp and undo.cpp for version 3.0 and also for version 2.1. in fingering.cpp;
But I don't know, how to make this variable accessible in the user interface.

(By the way, I generally use coloured fingerings, which helps avoiding any confusion between fingerings and tablature digits).

Can we _please_ have back fingerings in tablature (at least for lute/historic plucked
That original removal seems to be over-eager an causes more pain than it solves.
Fingering marks are esential for some of the historic tablatures.

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"Fingering marks are esential for some of the historic tablatures."
They exist already for Right hand and lute in the Fingering palette. Could you provide other examples from fac-similes or manuscripts?

EDIT: For left-hand (I know eg for baroque guitar), there is sometines a number above the TAB staff. But it's not really a fingering: it indicates the number of the fret where the finger must do an ornament (trill, mordent.) This fret may be strike by finger 2, or 3, so on, depending the context.

In this case, it's rather simple to add, in my opinion, a number as regular staff text. Knowing that you can customize this, and add in a palette for reuse.
However, I am in no way opposed to the introduction of this option if useful for users.

See this example (from a Santiago de Murcia's piece):

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"They exist already for Right hand and lute in the Fingering palette."
I know, I was complaining about the fact that while one can add these marks, they disapear in the normal builds.
For some sources the placement needs to be adjusted (some 17th century italian sources
place the two dots of a second-finger mark left and right of the number) etc. and there are no left-hand fingerings at all (as used in instructional tablatures like Vallet etc.) but those are details that can be fixed.
More severe is the placement bug I recently reported (all fingering marks are stacked below the tablature instead of being placed next to the notes).

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It seems, as if the fingerings in the fingering palette won't work for lute, at least currently. But it is possible to use the little numbers from the master palette (symbols) and drag them to a new palette. Probably that is the best way to work around the asked problem. Unfortunately it is necessary to place such symbols each time if you attach them from the palette.
But they can be copied from one note to another: So you have to put one to the correct place. Then you can select it, CTRL-C and select a note that you want (or even some notes) and paste it with CTRL-V. Then they will be at the correct place.

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Yes, this will create a score that looks o.k. but this is a rather ugly hack. These symbols aren't recognized as fingerings so they won't show up in linked staffs. Why can't we just remove that silly hiding of the correct (sic!) fingering marks in lute tablature?

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There are indeed fingerings for the left and the right hand. They normally are placed near the tab signs, as you can see in the example I give here. It quite nicely shows left hand fingerings in green, here on the left of the tab signs (1,2,3,4) and also the right hand fingerings, e.g. | for thumb and . for index, mostly beneath the signs. MilleranFingerings.png
Sometimes for the left hand two fingerings are possible to show the finger to grip the note and the other one for the appogiatura (eg. 2 4)

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