Blue playback flags

• Jan 24, 2016 - 02:14

How do we move them around?


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With Loop Playback enabled just Range Select the number of measures or "beats" you want to play. Then simply press Play.

Unfortunately this can be pretty confusing because the flags don't immediately update on select, rather the flag positions generally indicate the prior selection, until you press Play. On Play the flags immediately update to indicate the current selection and MuseScore begins looping that selection.

I consider this flag positioning issue a bug.

When Loop Playback is enabled making a Range Selection should update the positions of the Loop flags. I don't see a downside to that behavior.


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...making a Range Selection should update the positions of the Loop flags.

Assume the loop encompasses, say, two systems of a multi-instrument score. Any editing within those systems which involves a range selection will update the positions of the Loop flags.
So, a hypothetical downside situation could arise such as::
A user range selects a musical phrase from the clarinet and copy-swap-pastes with the trumpet. The user will need to restore the flag positioning to replay those two systems after the swap edit.

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