Can't remove numbers and brackets for multiple tuplets

• Jan 24, 2016 - 07:51

Previously in the Musescore 1.3, I had no problem deleting the brackets and numbers for multiple tuplets. I merely highlighted and "applied" to all and then pressed delete. Now the entire tuplet, notes and all disappears. How can I remove this clutter of brackets and notes in the recent version.


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Thanks SO much for your reply. And it was speedy too! It took me a while to locate the Inspector, but when I did, your png. link clearly showed me the way to solve the problem.

Now my score is nicely formatted ... and so much cleaner without all those triplets!

Aloha ... Nikki Ty

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FWIW, the Inspecotr normally displays by defualt; you must have closed it for some reason earlier (probably you didn't realize how useful it would be).

But also, be aware that MuseScore folloows standard music notation practice regarding tuplets, displaying brackets in only the situations where the usual rules of music notation require them. So you really shouldn't need to be hiding brackets often unless you are trying to create some unusual speciail effect. If you are finding otherwise, perhaps some setting is wrong in your score causiing brackets to appear unnecessarily. Feel free to post the score you are having problems with so we can see if something is off.

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You're right! I just discovered Inspector. It's there under Views ... but even if I check it, it has to be re-checked for each editing. My problem with the triplet numbers and brackets are that I am addicted to triplets ... like Beethoven's Op.2 no 1 ... Prestissimo. In my edition of this work, there's only one indication of the triplet figure and then there are pages of them, mercifully bare of the extra brackets and numbers.

I know I'm probably by-passing a more convenient way of applying triplets. I add them by pasting the rhythm as I add the notes. And then those brackets and numbers appear ... as per the usual rules of notation.

But by using the Inspector ... and the "apply to all" editing feature, the problem is neatly solved. And then my score doesn't look like Jackson Pollock on a rampage.

Thanks so much ...

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Is there a global setting that applies to new tuplets, so that I can suppress numbering as I add material, or must I take the default and then change them with the inspector? Like the OP, I sometimes have scores with oodles of triplets but using 9/8 or 12/8 isn't really desirable. This would seem to be a logical candidate for control via the tuplets entry of the style page.

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Thanks much for the reply. I can't get used to the idea that the issue tracker is available for use by mere mortals. I deduce that the feature request forum is for discussing ideas when they are still somewhat nebulous, and that the issue tracker is for crisp well-defined enhancements that simply need somebody to decide "yes, this is worth doing" and do it.

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