Concatenating parts

• Jan 26, 2016 - 23:47

Is is possible to combine parts from different compositions into one file? My MD has me transcribing some pencil sketches for keys and choir; now he wants all the vocal parts combined onto one sheet. (I have feeling it's going to run over; but I might be able to make a double-sided sheet out of it.)



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Thank you again. That turned out to be exactly what I wanted. Worked perfectly, having saved off the vocal parts as separate files. Only had to tweak the margins to make them fit on two pages (which I trust the music director will be able to duplex-print).

My apologies; I presumed that MD would be understood here to be "music director."

I had a problem even within the same file of copying a sequence where three measures had each been altered from the nominal time signature to accommodate unmetered liturgical music; when I copied the fragment, it didn't copy the changes to the time signature alterations; it merely copied the notes from the altered measures into whatever string of 4/4 it took, which was not at all what I expected or wanted. I guess I'll just export the parts to PDF and assemble them in Photoshop.

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