when opening in 2.0 documents created in version 1.3, custom placement of many elements becomes wrong

• Feb 2, 2016 - 17:22
S4 - Minor

Some elements — eg string numbering (for guitar), string slides signs, height of the bars, — some info is either interpreted incorrectly or got lost. Here's an example, how the original file looks like in musescore 1.3:
And here's the same fragment from the same file, open in musescore 2.0.2:
Original mscz file is attached as well.

I tried to create a new, empty document in 1.3, adding some of the elements and moving their positions, everything seems to be preserved correctly in 2.0. So I'm not sure what is the prob wih this Fuga_24 thing, which element or sequence causes it to be displayed that wrong.

Thank you!

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Offhand, the only differences I see are some of the manually-positioned fingering elements. Some of that is unfortunately to be expected any time major improvements to layout are made - manual adjsutments made to work around the deficiencies of the odler system won't still make sense. We tried to minimize the degree to which this happens, but obviously a few areas remain.

Generally, you will do well to select all fingerings (right click one, Select / All Similar Elements) then hit Ctrl+R to reset to the new default positions, which should be much improved over the old. Then re-apply any manual positioning that is needed. In this particular case, that may or may not prove adbvantageous.

Also, while 1.3 provided only a single fingering text style and a single default placement algorithm, 2.0 provides several different options. The plain "Fingering" style - which is what your uses - is optimzied for piano. The LH and RH guitar fingering styles are optimized for those usages. And the storng number style is optimized for that usage. You can select all your "Fingering" elements by right clicking one, Select / More / Same subtype, then do the Ctrl+R to get more appropriate placement that you'd get if you left everything as Fingering.