Scaling doesn't effect lyrics text

• Mar 8, 2011 - 03:56

With the upgrade to 1.0, I am trying to add lyrics to my music. I dutifully wrote words in under the notes, but then when I go to Layout - Page Settings and adjust the scaling larger, the lyrics text stays at 8pt Times New Roman. I even tried to change the font size using Style - Edit text style, and I can change the font style but it doesn't show,e ven if I save and reload the file. It seems the only way I can change the font size is to select each piece of lyrics text one by one, and change the font.... I guess it would be nice to have a "marquee select" so you can draw a box around all the objects you want to select and change all at once.... I guess that means you'd have to move pan from click and drag to, maybe, CTRL and click and drag?

Thanks for an otherwise PHENOMENALLY FANTASTIC program!!!!


First, could you post samples that show the lyrics not scaling? They do for me. It might say it's still 8pt, but it actually does scale - just compare the actual sizes on screen or in the print.

But in any case, if you want to change the font of already entered lyrics, just select one syllable, then right click, select Text Properties, make your change, and be sure to click "apply to all elements of same type".

Also, there is a marquee select - just hold Shift while you click and drag.

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You're welcome! BTW, I first found out about shift-select (and tons of other features) from reading it here on the forums, too. Another related function I found out about here: if you've selected a bunch of items then wish to drag them all together, hit Ctrl before dragging to make them all drag together (otherwise, it only drags the one you clicked at the start of the drag).

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