Lyrics - problems with shift-space

• Feb 4, 2016 - 11:25

When typing lyrics I sometimes had the problem that with certain keys the direction of inputting text seemed to have been reverted. First I thought this would be a bug, but in the meantime I noticed that this is a feature ;-).
Shift-space is used to go back to an earlier syllable.

But this key combination sometimes complicates the inputting of lyrics for me. As somtimes I am hitting space, before having released the shift key, I quite regularly find me in an earlier syllable instead of, as I expected, under the next note, which is quite disturbing (happens only with upper case letters as "I" and ":").
Especially if typing very fast, that can happen quite often.

Is it possible to turn off that key combination, - or is it necessary at all, as one also could use the arrow keys for that function?


I often do the same thing when typing "I" or a quote, so I've checked. Under Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts, filter for "syllable". The default shortcut for "Previous syllable" is Shift-Space; you could try clearing that.

However, on my system (V2.0.2 on Windows 7), clearing or even replacing this shortcut has no effect; shift-space continues to move left through lyrics. Behavior might be different on other systems.

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