Copying Notes between voices

• Feb 10, 2016 - 23:09

2.0.2 & Win 7

I'm transcribing a lot of 4-part male voice songs (TTBB) and I'm using a template with the tenor voices on one stave and the basses on the other stave. Works well but today, I was transcribing a piece where both tenors were singing unison. I don't like just one voice showing and being sung by the two voices sharing the stave. Normally, first tenors sing the notes with stems "up" and second tenors sing the notes with stems "down", stops any confusion for the singers.
So I thought highlight the First tenor notes, copy them, go into Note entry for voice two (second tenors) and then paste. Did absolutely nothing.
I can copy notes to another stave or to another bar in the same stave (but only using the same voice).

how can I copy a range of notes to a second voice on the same stave? Is it indeed possible?


Here's what I'm able to do. Starting with your tenor notes as one voice:


Select them and copy (ctrl->c):

Those notes will be saved in clipboard, but don't paste the notes just yet.

Now go to edit->Voices->"exchange voices 1 & 2", then it will look like:


Now click on the rest occupying voice 1, so that rest turns blue like:


Now paste (ctrl->v) those notes you had copied to clipboard previously:


I believe that is what you want.

You can use Edit > Voices > Exchange Voice 1-2. The notes in voice 1 are swapped to voice 2, and you can then paste directly into voice 1. You can then swap the voices back again as needed. It works on your current selection, so you can do the whole staff at once or just a few measures.

Combining the Exchange Voice options with the Selection filter (F6) you can do just about any sort of copy and paste between voices.

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I knew it would be possible somehow, but nothing I tried worked.
Thanks for the technique, just need to remember to, in effect, add the second voice first if you know what I mean.

Thanks again for the wonderful help with this software.

Looking forward to the next release., hope it's not too far away.

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