MuseScore rebranding project

• Feb 13, 2009 - 16:44

22 graphic design students checking on MuseScoreThis afternoon, the MuseScore rebranding project has been kicked off. 22 graphic design students from Hogeschool Gent have been introduced to MuseScore for the first time. The goal: create a corporate identity for MuseScore.

In a first phase, each one of them will be creating a proposal for a house style, logo and word mark. Eventually the best proposal will be selected and further elaborated in group to become the corporate identity for MuseScore.

The term of the project ends at the end of June but the logo proposals will be presented earlier, somewhere around the beginning of April.

The full project description. Questions, ideas and remarks are very welcome!


Hi folks

It looks like MuseScore could be the right tool for me to publish my compositions in a professional manner.
I am interested in a tool which allows me to generate BOTH music files and printed scores.

However there is one thing that seems to be missing: How can I generate the final result, ie a "wav" file, to
copy to CD? The internal synthesizer seems to be good enough if combined with the large soundfonts,
and I realise that the output I can hear through the speakers is in fact a "wav" file. How can I "catch" this
output in order to copy it?

And will there be an explicit option in MuseScore to generate "wav" files in a future version?

Thanks for you help.



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