Voice selection

• Mar 17, 2011 - 22:25
S5 - Suggestion

The feature I am missing most when working with musescore is to have the ability to select just a particular voice within a region.
So if there would be keys for "reduce selection only to notes and rests of voice X", or maybe some kind of menu with checkboxes to only paste the marked voices.

This would often be very useful if you have phrases that repeat in different voices. Especially in polyphonic keyboard music there are almost always reoccuring motifs in different voices and you usually have multiple voices in each staff.

So the next feature needed to make this really useful would be one out of
"change all notes and rests within selection to notes and rests of voice X"
or "paste entire selection as notes and rests of voice X", which in some times can be even more convenient, if both, the region where you copy your selection from, and the region where you want to paste it have notes in other voices, so you wouldn't have to paste your selection into empty measures, convert them to another voice, and then finally put it in their place.

Please tell me, if this sounds like all gibberish to you, I try to make it as clear as possible.

I wrote all this, because in some occasions I still have to choose sibelius over musescore for note entry. The approach taken in sibelius is not the most practical to use, but maybe a little bit easier to understand in the first place. For beginners it's pretty confusing, that you have three kinds of selections
- whole bars (which contain all staffs)
- staff (with all it's voices)
- voice
and depending on what your selection was when you hit copy, there's slightly different action taken, when you hit paste, different in terms of which notes will be overwritten, and which not.

To have a good solution for this would be great,
even in the very long term.


I think this is very important to have this feature added to musescore. It would make music editing much easier and faster and also would solve a problem that often makes users resort to proprietary software like Sibelius.