Non-printing grid pattern

• Mar 29, 2011 - 05:49

Occasionally I need to place objects (usually miscellaneous word phrases such as instrument names, edition numbers, catalog numbers, etc.) in exact positions on succeeding pages. Now I have to estimate the positioning.

Would it be possible to turn on and off on demand, a non-printing grid pattern to temporarily place over the page for reference? Many graphics programs have a similar feature. They usually appear on screen in a light pastel color. You would turn on the grid, place or move the entry in an exact position, then turn off the grid.


Have you tried out the nightly builds? For the last couple of months, there's been a header & footer feature that *should* let you accomplish what you want, and in an easier way than trying to line up by hand, even with the aid of a grid. Not that these builds are stable to actually use, but you might want to try it out and see if the feature seems like it would work for you. If there are still limitations or issues, maybe make a feature request specifically aimed at getting that feature to do what you need.

Not that I think having a grid is a bad idea, and I'm sure there are situations where the header/footer wouldn't be enough, but I do think the header/footer feature is intended to make a grid unnecessary for most of the things that you are describing.

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