Making piano pieces more user friendly for 6-10 year olds?

• Mar 29, 2011 - 08:08


I am currently arranging a few piano pieces for 6-10 year olds and tested one of the arrangements yesterday.
One of the first comments I had was the music was too small and fine!?

How can I make my music look like the piece below ( Minuet in G ) ?

I have also attached one of my arrangements called The Floral Dance.

Attachment Size
The Floral Dance.mscz 2.56 KB
minuet-in-g.pdf 295.72 KB


See Layout->Page Settings. The "Scale" parameter will make everything bigger or smaller. Then you can also go to Style->Edit Text Style to alter the fonts if you like. Most font sizes automatically get bigger when you make the score bigger, but maybe sometimes it still wouldn't be big enough, or would be too big. You might also want to change to some different fonts entirely to get that kid-friendly handwritten look.

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