When will there be a next major upgrade

• Feb 27, 2016 - 17:14

Please include a feature for ritardando and accelerando (without having to manually put in tempo makring every note. I should start with one tempo marking and make the gradual change to the 2nd marking.
Also, I would happily pay extra dollars for a greatly improved instrument playback. Any chance that this is coming without me having to utilize other outboard equipment and a Digital Work Station? Please advise.


The primary focus for MuseScore remains notatin, with playback very much secondary in importance. One never knows what the future holds, but I wouldn't be expecting any major playback improvements in any releases in the near future.

For improved instrument sounds, you are welcome to buy a commercial soundfont if you find one you think in SF2 format you think is worth the money. Otherwise, you can connect MuseScore to other software via JACK; no need for other outboard equipment.

Addressing just the subject header, "when will there be a next major upgrade", those come out when they are ready, not on a particular schedule. That's the nature of a software project staffed by volunteers, as opposed to a commercial project that needs an annual update to generate a revenue stream.

Here's the most recent discussion about the next release, which may have done tweaks to the playback system but I am guessing nothing on the scale that you are looking for.


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