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• Feb 28, 2016 - 08:43

Has anyone had the occasional problem of the page jumping when entering notes. It doesn't jump far - usually forwards by a couple of bars - but its very irritating. I had a finished piece of choral SATB (I used the SATB template) and now I've decided to go back into it to add the piano part with treble and bass staves, and it jumps as soon as I click on the N button to add a note. Probably something very simple but I can't find it - any help appreciated.


A very simple question:
Do you select the note or rest, where you want to start note entry, BEFORE clicking on the N button?
Perhaps you have entered some notes in one staff and you want to go back to enter notes in the second staff, but you don't select the new startposition.

The vacant bar of the piano treble clef stave where I plan to start entering notes is at the bottom left hand corner of the screen - the page is four bars wide. I select the default four beat rest in that first bar and click N - nothing moves. I select a crotchet from the top menu and nothing moves - I use the mouse to locate the note in the desired position in that bar and when I click to 'set it' the entire treble stave stretches and re-sites that bar on the bottom right of the screen - and the page is still four bars wide. If I move the mouse to add a further crotchet next to the one I've just entered and click it in place, the stave contracts and reverts to the original position on the left. Successive actions just repeat the process ie.A third note repeats the first movement and a fourth repeats the second.

And when I'm entering notes in a bar at the end of the stave on the right hand side of the page it just flips to the next page and back again.

I've just tried "Continuous view" and it doesn't happen there - but the problem returns when I revert to "Page view". I think it might be a formatting issue.

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No, this doesn't happen here. When I follow you steps my score remains absolutely fixed.

I hope that somebody here can find out the problem.

Perhaps in meantime you could provide further infos: OS, version of MuseScore.

Does this problem exist in a special score only, or in other scores, too? Perhaps you want to attache this score (or an example) here.

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Can you give precise steps to reproduce the problem with that score? What zoom level are you at, which measure are you trying to enter notes into, etc?

There were known issues with the calculation involving courtesy key/time signatures and clefs that could occasionally lead to jumping along the lines of what you describe. For the next release we have fixed what we have have been able to reproduce. I'd like to verify this case as well, but I need to know how to reproduce the problem using 2.0.2 first.

I'm at 100% zoom in Page View.
You can go to any of the, as yet, unpopulated bars in the piano treble line (from about bar 44) in the file I sent with the my last message and try entering crotchets. You'll see it jump.

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I don't see any such jump using a build of 2.0.3. I don't have access to to 2.0.2 right now, so I can't be *sure* I am doing the same as you or would be seeing the same thing if I did. On 2.0.3, measure 44 is the third measure of page 6; I'm guessing it might be laying out differently for you because of the changes I referred to (also other changes that can affect layout in cases like this).

Here is what I am doing:

1) load score
2) press "Ctrl+F" and enter "44" to jump to measure 44
3) click top staff of piano part
4) press "N" to enter note input mode
5) type "C"

When I do this, I see no jump. Are you doing roughly the same thing but seeing a jump?

Also, what if you go to that spot, but instead of entering notes, you press "Ctrl+A" repeatedly - does the score similarly jump each time?

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I followed your steps and in 2.0.2 it jumps and the bar relocates two measures to the left.
I've tried with the mouse to enter the note and it does the same thing.

With the first page on screen Ctrl A selects the whole score. With repeated strokes I can see in the Navigator panel below that pages 3- 8 jump (expand?) with each keystroke, the whole score expands from 7.5 pages to 8 pages and back again.

Could it be anything to do with the fact that I had a completed piece (which didn't jump) having used the SATB template (not SATB + piano) and now I've gone back into it and added the piano staves using the Edit/Instruments facility?

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No, it's most likely related to the courtesy signatures as I mentioned - the algorithm for calculating their width and figuring out whether a system can fit another measure is a bit delicate, and there have been bugs that can yield this kind of "jumping" in borderline cases - where another measure *almost* fits on a system but not quite, or just *barely* fits. If there is a key change on that measure, then moving the measure to the next system means you need a courtesy signature. Getting these calculations right has proved trickier than one might think. We've tweaked things to improve this for 2.0.3, but no doubt some cases still remain.

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I think you're right - The piece has four hefty key changes from 5 flats to 4 sharps and back again - twice! There's a lot of space taken up in the first bar after each key change with naturalising the previous accidentals plus adding the new ones so it seems logical that this could be an issue. I've copied my score and removed the four key changes (Db major (5 flats) to E major (4 sharps), E major to Db major, Db major to E major and E major back to Db major) so that the whole piece is in Db major only ......and the problem goes away!
Thanks for your help .... and I'm looking forward to 2.0.3

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FWIW, you shouldn't need to delete key changes if you want them. The safer solution is to get the layout looking the way you want then lock it in by adding lines break everywhere (eg, Edit / Tools / Add/Remove Line Breaks, Add line breaks at end of each system. Then select all (Ctrl+A) and reduce stretch a couple of notches (press "{" twice ) for a little insurance. This is normally something I do at the end of each score if I want to preserve the current layout.

f51dc11 / 2.0.2 / Win 10.

I can reproduce a "jump" as follows:

1. Open the file
2. Navigate to any page from 3 onwards (using shift + right arrow).
3. Click on any note in the note toolbar, or press a number shortcut.

Result: The score layout changes.

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I can reproduce the previous steps with the 2.0.2, but I cannot with a current 2.0.3 nightly (or 2.0.1)

But I can reproduce on this score with 2.0.3 (2.0.1) in another way.
The cause is related to the Navigator (and the location of the blue rectangle) EDIT: with horizontally scrolling
blue rectangle.jpg

1) If you use Ctrl + F, there is no issue indeed, because you arrive "exactly" at the right spot.

Ex: Ctrl + F (type 44) -> select the measure -> "N". Result, as expected: no jump
Ditto eg with measure 33.

2) Now, instead using Ctrl + F, use the Navigator (and so, it is more "random": my understanding for now).
Example: Click with the mouse on the bottom page 6. You are obliged to scroll up -> select measure 44 -> "N". Focus on the location of the blue rectangle. Result: jump

3) Ditto: click center page 4 -> select measure 30 soprano staff -> "N": Result: jump (the blue rectangle goes down)

Or beginning page 5 (measure 31, top staff) etc.

EDIT1: I cannot reproduce from scratch with "My First Score" and 8 pages eg: My_First_Score 8 pages.mscz
So, something else is involved.

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Ah, I can reproduce from scratch. You need to have systems.
1) Load this file: My_First_Score 8 pages systems.mscz

2) With the Navigator: click not exactly on the center and top of the page 7, but rather to the left corner (measure 49) -> "N"
Result: jump
Note: it's a bit random. Depends where the click is done and the blue rectangle is located. If you can't reproduce immediatly, try other page (top/beginnng eg) with clicks on other spots, and select other measure (the second one, the last one of the system) etc.

EDIT: before "N", the blue rectangle must be (for my example page 7 measure 49) at this location (more or less)

After the jump, the blue rectangle is here:

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