GSoC 2020 Day 1: It Begins.

Posted 3 months ago

It's June 1st, and the coding period is now underway!

Update from last week

My pull request remains open, but it is, I think, mergeable. No changes to the file format were required; I made sure to write "Rest" instead of "MMRest" in the MSCX output, and to check when reading "Rest" to create the correct Rest or MMRest object. I also discovered a bug that I fixed completely by accident, #306192: Lyrics entry with multimeasure rest selected, so that was nice.

Looking ahead to this week

By the end of this week, according to the project schedule I created, I aim to do the following:
- Make the thickness and length of the horizontal and vertical strokes of H-bar rests variables, rather than hard-coded values
- Expose these variables to user control in the Style dialog
- Ensure that appropriate defaults for these variables are loaded when switching among the different musical fonts

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For the record, getting the new class to be able to read/write without breaking compatibility - and in particular not needing new tags - is definitely a good thing to shoot for, so it's great that this is working that way at this point. If on the other hand it turns out as things move along that there is no way to avoid a file format change, probably that won't be the end of the world, as I expect one will happen anyhow for MuseScore 4. Still, best to avoid it unless there is no choice.

Regarding making changes to the style dialog - note that this is possibly going to see some redesign, and of course the Inspector just saw a PR for a major redesign, so don't obsess to much about the UI yet.