GSOC 2021: Chord Symbol Style Editor - Week 2 (Inspector Pop-up)

Posted 2 years ago

Hi. I hope you are in good health.
This week, I was able to get much more done than I thought. I also got a much better understanding of the project and the codebase as a whole.
The new Chord Symbol Style Editor has two components: Inspector Pop-up and Styles Dialog. In the previous blog, I told that I would be working on the dialog this week but the design was undergoing some changes. So, I decided to work on other things first.

Work Done:

  1. Inspector Pop-up:
    I got basic the UI done. I also connected it to the style settings. So, the inspector pop-up is fully functional. There is some more work/polishing to be done. The style buttons contain only the style names now. They will be replaced by previews of the respective styles. I am keeping this for the last.
  2. File System search:
    Currently, if the user wants to use a custom-style XML file, he/she has to use the browse option and manually add the file. I have implemented a search feature that recognizes the chord symbol description files in the MuseScore\Styles folder and lists them automatically in the Inspector Pop-up.

For next week:

A few days back, I received the final designs. So, I will be working on the Styles Dialog this week. The existing Chord Symbols page in the Edit Styles dialog is going to be replaced by a new design. You could expect it to follow a similar theme to that of the inspector pop-up but with a lot more options for customization. I would be happy if I could get the basic layout ready by the end of next week.

And next week, I will also post some screenshots or videos of the work done for you all to see.

To know more as the project goes on, you can visit:

  1. My fork of the GitHub repository -
  2. My blog on MuseScore -

See you next week. Have a great day!