GSOC 2021: Chord Symbol Style Editor - Week 1

Posted 3 years ago

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well.
This week, I spent more time exploring the codebase, trying to understand more of how the chord symbols are parsed and rendered.

Work done:

  1. I worked on the presets first. It still is a work in progress. But the basic styles are ready. The presets currently chosen are Real Book, New Real Book and Pop/Contemporary. Users can also create custom presets. Presets will be perfected once the UI is implemented.
  2. I have implemented respelling of qualities to a default representation. The defaults will differ for each preset. For example, if the default for major is “M”, then when the user types any form that denotes major like maj, ^, etc... it would be replaced by the symbol “M”. I have hard-coded the defaults for now. Once the UI is ready, it will allow the user to set the defaults.
  3. Stacking of modifiers is one of the new features that we are focussing on. I implemented a system that works well. But it is not perfect yet. There is some more work to be done to get the size and positioning correct.

For next week:

The design team has been working on the chord symbol editor. The design is almost finalized. So, next week I will start on the UI. After the basic layout of the UI is complete, I will concentrate on getting the presets to work. The preview of each preset is going to be a challenge. If time permits, I would implement the custom presets too.

To know more as the project goes on, you can visit:

  1. My fork of the GitHub repository -
  2. My blog on MuseScore -

I will keep updating my progress. Thank you for reading the blog. Hope you have an awesome day!