GSOC 2021: Chord Symbol Style Editor - Week 5 (Advanced Settings)

Posted 2 years ago

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing good.
Last week was a great one. I was able to get a lot done.

Work done:

I completed the rest of the advanced settings namely stacking of modifiers, capitalization, and parentheses options.

1. Stacking of modifiers:

The stacking options work on alterations(e.g. b5) and addition/omission modifiers only. The user can choose to enable/disable stacking.

2. Capitalization options:

The capitalization options are the same as they are in MuseScore 3.6 but with 1 new addition, capitalization for quality symbols. This function converts the symbol only when there is a valid alternative. For example, if capitalization is enabled, "min" will turn into “Min” but “m” will not turn to “M”.

3. Parentheses options:

The parentheses can be independently enabled for four categories of modifiers: alterations, maj7(only when it appears in minor chords), suspensions, and addition/omission. The parentheses work well with stacked modifiers also(phew! this was a tough one to crack).

These functions are not 100% accurate right now. I will be making continuous modifications over the next few weeks to make sure they work perfectly for every chord symbol.

I have also done some other minor work this week. Now, the program remembers every setting you can find on the editor, for each style separately. This means, you can change the modifier scaling value, for example, on the “Jazz” style and it won't affect the value that was already set on the “Standard” style. So, you can experiment with other styles without losing the settings on the original style you use.

For Next Week:

I have one tiny advanced setting left. The chord symbol scaling option. After this, I will work on getting the editor UI to match the design document. There is some work to be done in the Inspector Pop-up UI too. In working on these new features, I have not been concentrating on the design aspect of the UI. On the side, I will also be fixing some bugs.

To know more as the project goes on, you can visit:
1. The draft Pull Request -
2. My blog on MuseScore -
Thank you for reading the blog. Have a nice day!