GSOC 2021: Chord Symbol Style Editor - Week 9

Posted 2 years ago

Hi everyone. I hope everything is going well.
My final exams in college have started. So, I could not do much work. I have exams next week too. In this time, I have been trying to do some small changes/fixes. After my exams, I will be focussing completely on the project again.

Work done:

I relocated the Chord Symbols playback settings in the Inspector to the Playback settings pop-up.
I slightly modified the respelling function. Now, the half-diminished chords of form minor7b5 will take the minor symbol from the minor quality symbol selected in the editor to ensure uniformity. For example, min7b5 is chosen under the half-diminished symbols, and m is chosen under the minor symbols, the final output will be m7b5.
There is a change to the capitalization options too. The options for the capitalization of major and minor chord symbols are separate now. Other symbols like aug, dim, etc...will take the letter case that is presented in the preset.
I have also prepared an XML file for the no-preset style. This style is going to work exactly like the Standard style in v3.6.

For Next Week:

As I said earlier, I probably would not have enough time to concentrate on new features like chord style preview, etc... So, I will be just fixing bugs and maybe a bit of code clean-up this week.

To know more as the project goes on, you can visit:
1. The draft Pull Request -
2. My blog on MuseScore -
Thank you for reading the blog. Hope you have a good week!