GSOC 2021: Chord Symbol Style Editor - Week 8

Posted 2 years ago

Hey everyone. Hope all is well!
I am in the final stretch of the project and I am happy with how it has turned out so far. There is still quite a bit of work to do.

Work done:

I implemented the respelling functionality for suspensions, 6/9 extension, and bass note. There is one option of the bass note that I still have not completed where the bass note is directly below the chord symbol. I could not make it work the same way all the other symbols work. I will have to figure something out.
I also completed the draft XML files for the new presets. Over the next week, I will be fine-tuning it.
I have also fixed some bugs in the respelling function, file handling, switching between the preset symbols, etc...
I have been doing a bit of code cleanup too.

For Next week:

I plan on getting started with the chord symbol preview in the editor. This will take a good amount of work to implement from what I know so far. So, I hope I can get this working within the next week.

To know more as the project goes on, you can visit:
1. The draft Pull Request -
2. My blog on MuseScore -
Thank you for reading the blog. Hope you have a good week!