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Forum topic MIDI Keyboard not advancing from note to note Sorouthorn 12 2 years ago
Issue Transposing instruments do not have correct key signature when score created from template BarrieB 19 10 years ago
Forum topic Time Signature Change Destroys Notes anakeimai 7 11 years ago
Issue Problem creating consecutive scores from same template (Next and Finish buttons disabled in dialogue) BarrieB 3 11 years ago
Issue [1.2 Pre-release 1] Dragging slur from Lines palette causes crash BarrieB 5 11 years ago
Issue [1.2 pre-release 2] Non-removable courtesy clef appears after insert measure before first one BarrieB 28 11 years ago
Issue [1.2 pre-release] Undo doesn't work after zoom magnification change BarrieB 5 11 years ago
Forum topic When can we expect an update to 1.x ? BarrieB 12 12 years ago
Issue Plugin Break every x measures not working correctly BarrieB 7 12 years ago
Forum topic Musescore v2 colour scheme BarrieB 4 12 years ago
Issue Undo not working when items added from CREATE menu BarrieB 7 13 years ago
Issue Remove Notes Plugin not working (0.9.6 regression) BarrieB 7 13 years ago
Issue Undo after CNTRL drag group of selected lyrics not working BarrieB 2 13 years ago
Issue Cannot drag line of lyrics (0.9.6 regression from 0.9.5) BarrieB 19 13 years ago
Issue Score loads with notes having long stems and beams clashing with other objects BarrieB 4 13 years ago
Issue Problem when moving cross staff beam BarrieB 8 13 years ago
Issue Musescore crashes when loading some of demo scores regression between 2722 and 2717 BarrieB 5 13 years ago
Issue MusicXML import crashing if no time signature specified BarrieB 5 13 years ago
Forum topic Some issues with recent nightly windows packages BarrieB 2 13 years ago