MusicXML import crashing if no time signature specified

• Feb 12, 2010 - 15:17
S2 - Critical

Revision 2705
O.S. Windows XP

I have exported the attached MusicXML file from the LIME Notation editor v 9
Lime itself will reimport the file, though it does not import exactly the same as the original.

Musescore stable 0.9.5 will also import the file, again not exactly correct, but it imports.
When importing into 2705 Musescore crashes.

The export from LIME may have problems and invalid content in the exported file, I wouldn't know. Regardless of this Musescore ought to handle the file graciously and give an error message rather than crashing.

I have attached a PDF file showing how the score looked originally in LIME

Attachment Size
harp lim.xml 74.63 KB
harp.pdf 26.13 KB


Disabling "score->sigmap()->add(tick, measureLen, se.getNominal());" in MusicXml::xmlMeasure prevents the crash, but breaks irregular measure handling.