Cannot drag line of lyrics (0.9.6 regression from 0.9.5)

• Feb 9, 2010 - 11:12
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Works in 0.9.5 stable,fails in 2695
O.S Windows XP

To reproduce:

Open a score
Left click a note
enter some lyrics
Press Escape
SHIFT left drag over lyrics to lasso select a line of lyrics
CTRL left drag lyrics to adjust position

This works in stable 0.9.5, and fails to work in 2695


Status (old) fixed active

Win XP, r 2904

Not fixed for me

It is now possible to select and drag a single lyric syllable, but lasso selecting a whole line of lyrics and adjusting its position as a whole still does not work.

This was "doable " in 0.9.5 stable.

From the original instructions to recreate effect:

SHIFT left drag over lyrics to lasso select a line of lyrics

...In 0.9.5 ALL the lassooed lyrics are selected and turn blue.

A subsequent Control Left drag on one of the selected lyrics adjusts all the lyrics simultaneously.

WIN XP, r 2904 "SHIFT left drag over lyrics to lasso select a line of lyrics" does the following

1) If you commence the SHIFT Left drag ANYWHERE NEAR a lyric you don't get a blue lassoo box. Instead it picks up the nearby lyric and moves it.

2) If you commence the SHIFT Left drag from somewhere further away from a lyric, a blue lassoo is drawn, this can be dragged to enclose some lyrics. When the mouse is released all the enclosed lyrics remain black/unselected. Control Left drag does not move the lyrics which the box was drawn round during the SHIFT Lef drag.

Further investigation shows that ANY lyric drag:

Left Drag
Shift Left drag
Control left drag

...Picks up a single lyric syllable and moves it

Win XP, r 2904

Shift+drag only moved a single syllable in 0.9.5 as well. Only Ctrl+drag moves a group of syllables in 0.9.5 and the latest nightly (r. 2905). It looks like Ctrl+Click on a selected syllable removes that syllable from the current selection which is different from 0.9.5 but not necessarily wrong.

Just to clarify, I select the syllables using Shift+drag to drag a blue rectangle to select them. I then use Ctrl+drag to move the selection (as outlined in your original steps above). I'm not sure what you mean by "Left Drag".

Quote you:

Just to clarify, I select the syllables using Shift+drag to drag a blue rectangle to select them. I then use Ctrl+drag to move the selection (as outlined in your original steps above). I'm not sure what you mean by "Left Drag".


What I am telling you is that for me Dragging a blue box round lyrics with the shift key held does not select them, they do not go blue, nothing happens, nyet, zero, zilch, nyada

How else can I put it?

You ask what I mean by "Left Drag". It means dragging with the left mouse button held

You say it is working for you, It definitely doesn't work for me.

Anyone else care to comment? Win XP r2905

To be included in a the blue rectangle drag the whole virtual "box" around the lyrics has to be in the rectangle.
So try to make a bigger rectangle if possible.

Is there anything to fix in this bug ? because it's not clear to me.

Okay, there is more to this than meets the eye.

I have just tried what we are discussing here with lyrics in the Adeste Fideles demo file.

Agreed now it does appear to be basically possible to drag a line of lyrics as a whole EXCEPT that after you have made the selection, when you commence the CNTRL DRAG, whichever lyric you click on at the commencement of the drag becomes deselected and gets left behind, so that is still a bug.

My claim of there being circumstances where the blue box selection does not work still stands

Do this...

open bach-bc2 demo score
Select the first A at the beginning of first full bar of the trumpet staff
type "The rain in spain"
SHIFT DRAG a blue box surrounding "The rain in spain"
The lyrics do not become selected, this is regardless of how big that you drag the box out

Selecting "The rain in Spain" works just fine for me you have to makes sure the blue box goes up high enough.

Ctrl+click deselects a selected lyric syllable. I looked at some other applications (such as Windows file manager). It looks like Ctrl+click should deselect on mouse-up rather than mouse-down and doesn't deselect on mouse-up if you start dragging.

Okay, David,

After another experiment, finally got to the bottom of this.

In my example the selection works if:

a) You do the shift drag from (Low enough, left enough) Bottom left and drag high enough to top right


b) You do the shift drag from (Low enough, right enough) Bottom right and drag high enough to top left

You CANNOT do the shift drag from top left to bottom right, or top right to bottom left, because the drag actually needs to start on or above the bottom line of the staff, resulting in the whole measure being selected as soon as you click there.

Workable if you know about it , but all VERY counterintuitive and problematic in my view
At the very least if this restriction is going to continue to exist, it should get a mention in the manual

Will you raise a bug report for CTRL click deselects on mouse down or shall I?

In the conditions under comments #9 and #11, whether or not you can make it work depends on which direction you attempt to do the SHIFT Drag...

...So it isn't really fixed... Is it?

Any way, I won't comment on it any further

R 2920, Win XP

Sorry, I promised not to comment on this again.

Anyway... This is the FINAL final comment
Attached is a screen session capture which demonstrates circumstances where there is an inability to SHIFT Drag select a group of lyrics with a drag direction of North West to South East.

Unzip the attached file and double click the html file to view the video

The circumstances when this happens clearly depend on the contents of the score, might depend on individual computer factors, might depend on a whole host of things. In the score used in the session capture - as displayed on my computer- the "Virtual Box" (mentioned in comment #8) surrounding the lyrics overlaps the staff above the lyric, which makes it impossible to start a SHIFT drag from above the lyrics "Virtual box" because clicking on the staff selects the measure.

Final word on the subject. There IS a usability issue here in certain circumstances
If you choose not to address it, thats your privelege

Attachment Size 1.55 MB

The distance between the staff and lyrics is quite small in the bach-bc2 demo (indeed they actually overlap). The has already been addressed in recent stable releases. If you create a score from scratch you will notice that the lyrics do not overlap with the staff. Users would have to reduce the lyrics upper margin via Style > Edit General Style and want to shift-drag-select the lyrics to encounter this problem so it is an edge case.

Some vector drawing programs (such as Inkscape) allow you to Shift+drag to lasso-select even if another selectable item is below the mouse pointer. Maybe this is a direction MuseScore could take.

As long as there isn't another selectable item below the initial Shift+click point then there is no problem: