GSoC 2016 - Project Demo Videos - Semi-Realtime MIDI

Semi-Realtime MIDI Demo Part 1: New note entry modes

YouTube video: GSoC with MuseScore - Semi-Realtime MIDI Demo Part 1: New note entry modes

Semi-Realtime MIDI Demo Part 2: Rhythmic Groupings and Voice Separation

YouTube video: GSoC with MuseScore - Semi-Realtime MIDI Demo Part 2: Rhythmic Groupings and Voice Separation


YES!!! I love this.

Did you ever see my suggestion regarding automatic real-time mode—subdividing down to the 16th note or 32nd note by default? And I assume you're still planning to move the tie grouping command to the Tools menu.

Terrific work this summer!

PR moving that command to the Tools menu, and shortening its name to "Regroup Rhythms," is at Okay by you?

Looks good to me, thanks!
I notice that the tooltip is not displayed when you hover the cursor over the item in the menu (same is true for all menu items in MuseScore). Perhaps we should change this behaviour. Any thoughts?

I don't see that behavior in any other programs on Mac OS X.

That doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad idea, especially for something like "Regroup Rhythms" - there's no way somebody could work out what that means without clicking on it. I added tooltips to the Note Entry Modes toolbutton menu for this reason, and they don't look out of place to me.

My guess would be that if you did enable that, it wouldn't make a difference the way macOS/OS X handles menus. I can't say about other OSes.

That's a good point. On my Ubuntu, MuseScore 2.0.3 seems to use system menus whereas the nightlies for 3.0 use custom menus. I imagine MuseScore always uses system menus on Mac.

Shoogle, thank you for this work.

After using step time/MIDI keyboard input on a large project I'm looking forward to trying the new Semi-Realtime system. Is the new code available in your Raspberry Pi friendly PPA version? And if so, what commands should I use to update my copy of MuseScore with the new code?

Best regards, Philip.

You're welcome!

These features will not be available until MuseScore 3 is released, which will not be for quite a while I'm afraid. However, with the release of Ubuntu 16.10 I can re-enable the nightly PPA so that you can start using these features right away. You will need to update your Raspberry Pi to use Ubuntu 16.10 (or equivalent) and then add the PPA and install MuseScore using the usual commands (shown on the PPA page).

Just remember that scores you created in a nightly build cannot be opened in stable MuseScore releases or uploaded to, so you will want to have a stable build installed alongside the nightly build. I recommend entering notes in the nightly build using the new note entry modes, and then exporting the score as MusicXML so that you can import it into the stable build before adding text, ornaments, formatting and making layout adjustments.

Edit: unfortunately there's a bug in how Lauchpad handles GPG signed Git commits, so I won't be able to enable the nightly PPA until Launchpad supports direct git-to-git code imports. Apparently this feature should arrive "soonish".

Many thanks for that guidance. I shall keep watch for developments and continue to enjoy MuseScore 2.0.3 for the time being... perhaps also look into the newly released Ubuntu MATE 16.10. Best regards, Philip.

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